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Bureaux du Polygone
265 Avenue des Etats du Languedoc
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Numalis is a software company based in Montpellier that provides tools and services to help design and validate AI systems. We accelerate the design, training and validation phases of AI. To do so, Numalis uses its expertise in AI analysis by relying on formal methods to measure their robustness and explainability. As such, we are involved in the ISO/IEC and AFNOR standardisation committees aiming to make AI more reliable and explainable. Mr. IOUALALEN, CEO of Numalis, is the editor of the ISO/IEC 24029 series of standards on the topics of neural network robustness.


  • Research and education
  • Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation consulting


  • Aerospace / Defence / Security
  • Mobility / Transport
  • Health


  • Process optimization
  • Systems security
  • From idea to PoC
  • Predictive maintenance

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