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While waiting to discover what the Parisian edition of SIDO has in store for you, find an excerpt from the highlights of the last #SIDO2020 in Lyon on 3 and 4 September.

Technology and humanity: it’s time to choose!

Tech is changing the way we live, work and think. We could say it’s a means of progress designed by and for people. The major digital players have a responsibility towards society and to be at the service of the common good. At a time when the world is embarking on digitisation, the economy is becoming robotised and AI is prompting concern for the future of humanity. “You have to know what you’re doing and what you want to do. It isn’t the machine that has to make choices for society, people have to decide what it will bring to it. ” It’s up to us to make the right choices for today and tomorrow.

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Emeline BAUME – 1st Vice President in charge of Economy, Employment, Commerce, Digital and Public Procurement – Métropole de Lyon
Juliette JARRY – Associate Vice President, Digital – Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Andra KEAY – Managing Director – Silicon Valley Robotics
Nicolas LETERRIER – Chief Technology Officer – Schneider Electric
Michel PUECH – Philosopher, Professor
Vincent CALLEBAUT – Architect
André MONTAUD – General Director – Thésame Innovation

5G is coming! Good news?

It’s primarily designed for industrial uses and it’s due to reach France in late 2020… 5G is certain to speed up our lives even more with amazing and unprecedented technological advances. When exactly will the eagerly-awaited 5G network become available at a time when usage is exploding? The new deployments are set to be spectacular and, above all, new forms of interaction seem to be taking shape. Speed, ultra-connectivity and real-time responsiveness; what real benefits can we expect and what will the initial deployment experiences be like? What are the prospects for the Tech world? Towards a new world of opportunities that’s capable of fascinating and sometimes examining… for better understanding of the new mobile communication standard.

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Jehanne SAVI – Senior VP Innovation for Future Connectivity Business & Beyond – Orange
Graham WHEELER – President / General Manager – HTC
Eric MERCIER – Thematic Connectivity Responsable – CEA-LETI
Sébastien KAISER – Digital Accelerator- SNCF
Julien BERGOUNHOUX – Editor in chief – L’Usine Digitale

Towards quantum and beyond!

The next major Tech trend after AI! Obscure and concentrated in the hands of a few Big Techs, this new technological wave will undoubtedly be the most powerful one to date. But what are we really and specifically going to do with quantum computers and over what time frame? Who are the players in the market? What are the new horizons and economic stakes?

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Julien BOBROFF – Physicist, Professor holder of the Chair «Physics Differently», and researcher at the Laboratory of Solid State Physics – Université Paris Saclay
Florian CARRIÈRE – Senior Manager, Digital Emerging Tech – Wavestone
Olivier HESS – Executive Technical Leader & IBM Ambassador – IBM
Hervé RIBOT – Director, Micro Nano Electronics Department – Minalogic

Brain-machine interface: I think, therefore I do!

Reading or writing in the brain, connecting it to AI or emulating it in a machine were only the whims of transhumanists until now. But now things are beginning to change. Companies and researchers from all over the world are working to put this into practice. Scenarios that sometimes send a chill up the spine but are worth a closer look. Insights into sometimes controversial projects and identification of the non-dystopian applications of these technologies…

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Ricardo CHAVARRIAGA – Head of the Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe (CLAIRE) Office Switzerland – IEEE Standard association
Natalie KOSMYNA – Brain Computer Interfaces
Amélie CORDIER – AI Expert – Researcher – Chief Scientific Officer