Same dates and plate as Open Source Experience

Our values

  1. Maturity: Supply and demand. More than 1 in 2 projects are in the industrialization phase. Because IoT & Robotics projects are rolling out, demand is growing. SIDO supports this acceleration of business and demand by offering 2 events per year: Lyon and Paris.
  2. Proximity: Less travel, environmental awareness… the trend is in search of local events combining wealth of expertise and business efficiency
  3. Transversality: SIDO converts the IoT- AI -Robotics and XR technologies and campaigns for cross-fertilization between industrial sectors. Paris and Lyon, 2 fertile and innovative soil, 2 events combining quality and complementarity to better cover all the industries we serve.
  4. Efficiency: Because innovation is the business of pilot and multidisciplinary teams within organizations. Lyon and Paris, 2 key steps closer to “those who do” innovation. Visits, company delegations, tailor-made programs… Project teams, come together! Place to the concrete and the collaborative efficiency.
  5. Conviviality: Better 2 rich events, on a human scale combining business and above all conviviality, than a big technological Mass where it is ultimately difficult to stand out as an expert! This is SIDO’s commitment in 2021 … Exit the big Tech shows, and Long live high-performance B2B events where customer service, pleasure and conviviality are in the spotlight.